Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost???
The price is dependent on the breed, length of hair, and condition of the dog’s coat. Heavily matted pets will cost more than pets that are groomed, on a regular basis. All grooming comes with a bath, nails clipped, ears cleaned, and anal glands expressed, if needed. We also offer an entire line of Spa services for an additional cost.

How long will my pet have to stay at The Dog Spa, LLC?
We ask that your pet stay for a minimum of 4 hours. Of course, your pet can stay longer if you have things to do. Grooming is something that takes time and is done in stages. This allows your pet to rest between procedures. Please do not rush the groomers. A rushed job shows up in the grooming.

Do you use hot air dryers?
Absolutely not! We use a natural air, high velocity dryer to dry most of your pets coat. We then use a natural air dryer for the remaining dampness.

Do you express anal glands?
Anal glands are expressed externally at The Dog Spa, LLC. We will only use a small amount of pressure to see if the gland releases. Too much pressure can cause bruising and irritation. Please specify if your dog is having problems when dropping off. If your pet is continually dragging its rear on the ground, it may need its glands expressed.

What happens if I am running late?
At The Dog Spa, LLC we do not takes dogs after 10 am. Please call to reschedule.

Why are you booked so far in advance?
During the very busy seasons, we have been known to book appointments up to 8 weeks in advance. This is because we have many clients that book their next appointment in advance when picking up their pet. Almost all of our clients are on a 1, 2, 4 or 6 week regularly scheduled grooming. These appointments usually book up our calendar for the entire year. We recommend that you book your appointment in advance to ensure you pet is groomed on a regular basis.

Can I stay and watch you groom my pet?
Your pet is much calmer when you are not with them. When you try to stand with your pet while they are being groomed, they may become very excited and too fidgety to groom.

Why does my dog shake when it comes in the door?
I have found that dogs have a natural adrenaline rush when they get very excited or anxious. It is important when dropping off your pet to remember to make it a POSITIVE experience. Use encouraging words and make it exciting to drop them off. I usually recommend making it quick and not hanging around once your pet has been handed over. Once you are gone, your pet usually calms down and relaxes. I play classical music in the grooming room to relax them even more.