Did You Know???

  • Did you know that if you cut your pets nail at home, you can use a bar of soap to stop the bleeding.
  • Did you know that razor burn typically have nothing to do with the temperature of the clippers? It’s the skins reaction to being shaved. Razor irritation is more prevalent on white dogs because they have the most sensitive skin. Face and sanitary areas are the most commonly affected areas by razor irritation.
  • Did you know that toenails that have just been clipped are actually sharper than before they were clipped~ this can be eliminated by getting them filed.
  • Did you know that dew claws can sometimes grow much faster than the other toenails. This would require them to be clipped more often, as they are not being filed down on a daily basis as your dog walks.
  • Did you know that the normal canine temperature is 102’F
  • Did you know the oldest breed of dog is the Saluki, which is an Arabic word meaning noble one. Ancient Egyptians raised these dogs as hunting dogs.
  • Did you know that all dogs, regardless of breed, are direct descendants of wolves and technically of the same species?
  • Did you know? Dogs have a sense of smell that is one of the keenest in nature. Humans might smell a pot of stew cooking on the stove. However, a dog can distinguish the smells of each individual ingredient.
  • Did you know that a female dog and her offspring can produce 67,000 dogs in 6 years?
  • Did you know an estimated 4-6 million dogs and cats are euthanized in shelters each year? PLEASE SPAY OR NEUTER YOUR PET!
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